Coronavirus In Pets


Can pets catch Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Although there are a lot of rumours on social media according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there is currently no evidence that your pet can become infected with or spread coronavirus. We encourage all pet owners to take sensible precautions and follow the governments advice. There was an article circulating about a dog testing positive for coronavirus, We would like to reassure everyone this is likely a contaminated sample from the owner.

I am self isolating can my pet stay with me?
As there is currently no evidence to suggest your pet may contract or carry the virus it is safe for your pet to stay with you. You will need to make sure they are properly looked after during this time and if you will find it difficult asking someone else to look after your pet may be a better option, but it is not a requirement. If your pet stays with you it is recommended to avoid contact where possible and ask another house hold member to take over the responsibility for your pet. However it is good hygiene practice to wash your hands with warm soap and water before and after touching or feeding your pet, do not allow your pet to lick you or kiss them. During the isolation period it is important to follow NHS guidelines. This is a rapidly changing situation but we will aim to keep you as updated as possible.

Can my cat go outside?
If your cat goes outside it is recommended to keep them indoors during your isolation. Although there is no evidence that they can carry the virus it is recommended to take precautions until futher information is known about this particular strand. Cats can find it stressful when their normal routine is disrupted below are some links to help you.

Can I still walk my dog when self isolating?
The answer is no as you shouldn’t be leaving the house. If you have a private garden you can take your pet there to play games etc but dogs need exercise every day. We would advise to ask a family member or friend to help or a professional service. Just ensure you have informed them that you are self isolating and set precautions in place to comply with social distancing.

Is it safe to interact with other peoples pets?
Although there is no evidence of them being carriers or becoming infected we would advise to be cautious and not touch other peoples pets when they themselves maybe self isolating.

What if my pet needs to see a vet?
During self isolation if you need to come to the surgery we will insist that either a friend or family member bring the pet to us. They will be asked to wait in the car and to phone reception when they have arrived. A member of staff will then take the pet inside the building using a private entrance and you will be contacted by phone to discuss your pets health. If medication is required it will be given to the person you have appointed along with your pet. Payment will need to be made over the phone once the consultation has finished. If you require this it is important that you inform the staff of your situation when booking the appointment to ensure we can put the appropriate measures in place. Please contact the surgery on 01179677067 to make the appointment.

My pet requires ongoing medication, what should I do?
If you need a repeat prescription please call the surgery to arrange this prior to coming into the surgery. You will be asked to pay over the phone prior to collection so you do not have to spend any extra time in the clinic. This has been put into place to protect you and the staff. If you are self isolating we will insist that someone else comes to collect the medication in your place. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to post medication, but our qualified staff will discuss all options with you if there is a problem. There is currently no supply issue with medications and we will only allow you to order your pets medication in the same quantity as previous purchases. This is to ensure that we have enough for everyone as increasing supply demands now will have consequences in the future.

How can I pay at the clinic?
To avoid the spread of coronavirus we are no longer able to accept cash as a payment to avoid several people handling money. We will accept contactless card payments, Apple or Google Pay and payments over the phone in advance when we can to reduce the amount of time clients are in the clinic.

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Coronavirus In Pets

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