Coronavirus Q & A

Coronavirus Q & A 

In these current times we understand it can be very confusing and distressing about what services we can continue to provide and what services we have to postpone. These decisions have not been made lightly and we are following the guidelines from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) to ensure we can continue to support you and provide care for your pet. Below are some questions we have frequently been asked since the lockdown started.

What happens in an emergency?

We are open between 8.30am – 6pm for all emergency cases. If your pet is experiencing any of the below symptoms or events please contact us immediately on 01179677067 and press 1 for emergency. Outside of these hours you will be directed to VETSNOW who are operating a full service.

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Open wound injuries

  • Trauma (e.g car accidents)

  • Male cats struggling to pass urine

  • Rabbits not eating

  • Swallowing hazards (e.g toys, clothes)

  • Ingestion of poison or harmful substances

  • Eye problems

  • Vomiting or diarrhoea especially if your pet is quiet or depressed and if it has been happening for more than 24 hours

  • Swollen abdomen or retching (especially large dogs)

  • Loss of thirst and appetite

  • Struggling to give birth

  • Seizure/fitting

  • Collapse

If you are unsure if your pet is displaying any if these please contact us on 01179677067 where a qualified veterinary nurse or surgeon will be able to provide advice on whether you need to attend the practice. If the advice is to attend the clinic please follow all instructions from our staff upon arrival. We will provide care for your pet but we must follow social distancing guidelines in order for us to keep you and our staff safe.

I am concerned about my pet but I do not think it’s an emergency, what should I do?

If you are concerned about your pets health please call our clinics on 01179677067. All calls will be entering a triage system where a veterinary surgeon can conduct a telephone or video consultation to ensure your pets well being at this time. If the veterinary surgeon advises an appointment please follow our guidelines on how to attend the clinic.

What do I do if I’m told to come to the clinic?

When you arrive at our clinic we would like you to stay within your car in the car park and call our reception team on 01179677067 and they will note your arrival. When a member of staff approaches you will need to follow their instructions in order for us to examine your pet. We will ask all patients in a closed carrier to be placed 2m away from the car so the staff member can collect them. All dogs must be on lead and you will be asked to get out of the car with your pet, encourage your dog to go towards the staff member where they will apply a practice lead. The pet will then be taken inside the clinic through a private entrance into the consult room for the surgeon to examine your pet. Once examined the surgeon will contact you to discuss your pets history, the findings of the clinical examination and the advised course of care.

Can I get my pet vaccinated?

Initial vaccine course

A vaccination is not deemed an emergency and we will not be offering initial vaccination courses. If you have a puppy we would recommend not taking the puppy outside except your garden for toileting purposes and not to expose them to other dogs. Cats who are unvaccinated should not be allowed outside. It is advisable to book an appointment to start the vaccinations as soon as possible. In order to do this we will update our website on this issue after reviewing the information the government gives us after this initial 3 weeks. You can also book on the waiting list and have a free video consultation with a vet or nurse.

Annual Vaccine

We can have been advised as a one off to delay  booster vaccinations for up to 3 months after the due date without requiring a restart. This will assist in compliance with government guidelines. of social distancing and staying at home.

Can I bring my pet for a health check?

Not at this point as this is not deemed an emergency. However if you are concerned about your pet we may be able to offer a telephone or video consultation. Please call our clinics on 01179677067 for further information.

Can I bring in my pet for nail clips or to have their anal glands expressed?

Providing that your pet is not in any discomfort with these they should be postponed. If you are uncertain if this is the care we can organise a telephone or video consultation, please call the practice on 01179677067 to organise this.

Can I still get my flea, worming, tick and flystrike treatments?

Yes you can as it is important for your pets to continue their treatment. If you need a repeat prescription please call the surgery to arrange this prior to coming into the surgery. Our staff will then discuss a convenient time for you to collect the medication. You will be asked to pay over the phone prior to collection (with the exception of Pet Health Club Members) so you do not have to enter the clinic. This has been put into place to protect you and the staff. If you are self isolating we will insist that someone else comes to collect the medication in your place. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to post medication, but our qualified staff will discuss all options with you if there is a problem. Please not that if you have enough to last you the next 3 weeks we will ask you to postpone in order to comply with government advice. Please follow all staff instructions when coming to collect your supplies.

Can I still get pet food from you?

It is important that you continue with your pets diet especially if it is one that helps with an ongoing medical issue. In order to collect food please call our clinic to arrange a collection. At the time of ordering you will be asked to pay over the phone so when you collect the food you will not need to enter the building. Please follow all instructions from staff when collecting orders.

If you need several different items we would advise to order them all together to reduce the amount of times you need to visit the clinic.

Can my pet still have elective operations such as neutering?

Following RCVS guidelines we have decided to postpone all non essential procedures. This will help to avoid non essential visits to the practice and reserve important supplies such as oxygen and surgical masks for the NHS where it is desperately needed at this time. This will continue until we have updated guidance from the government and RCVS, we will aim to keep you updated as possible with any changes. If you have any concerns about postponing please contact our clinics on 01179677067 so we can provide individual advice.

My pet was due to have a blood test, can this still be done?

Each patient will be assessed by a veterinary surgeon to decide if it is critical or not to have these tests performed. If you have any concerns or questions please contact the clinic on 01179677067.

We understand that this can be a stressful time for you but rest assured we will provide services where needed to ensure the welfare of our patients. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation at this time.

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Coronavirus Q & A

Please contact the clinic if you have any concerns.