Pet Health Club Update For Dog Owners

Tick Option Now Available for Dog Owners

We have now introduced an option to include tick control in the plan for dogs.

For most dogs this is a no cost option, only dogs weighing between 20 and 25 Kg  will need to move up one category to Large Dog which is an extra £1.05 per month, the staff will arrange this for you.

The tick control option is in tablet form, and uses the same active preparation as the spot on to control Lungworm, in addition to providing flea, tick and worm control.

If you wish to switch to the new product please ask when you book in to collect more medication or for vaccination.

For those who wish immediate tick control, we are unable to refund the spot-on but advise you retain this to use up in the winter months when there are no ticks around.

For Cat owners Tick control is already included in your plan.

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