Video Consultations During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Video Consultations During Covid-19 Pandemic 

As a measure to comply with Government Guidelines we will, where appropriate, offer veterinary consultations over video link.

If we can safely manage your pets condition, we will then be able to prescribe medication which you can collect from the surgery using our very strict distancing measures regarding collection.

We are using the Video platform Zoom. You will need a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. Although it is not essential to download Zoom from the App store prior to the consultation, it does speed up the initial process to join the consultation.

Video consultations will be offered by the staff when you call the surgery with concerns about your pet. Clear emergencies will be seen at the Surgery, although owners will not be allowed in the buildings. The Nursing staff answering the phone will add you to a list for the Veterinary Surgeon to contact by telephone, who will then contact you and arrange a specific time for the Video consultation.

When you join, you will need to enable video and use the internet audio option for speech. You will also need to allow access to camera and microphone. 

During the consultation you will at some point need to flip the camera to forward facing to enable us to examine your pet, this is done by touching the screen and then touching the camera icon that will appear at the top.

We have found from experience it is useful to have another family member who lives in the household (to comply with social distancing guidelines) to hold the pet whilst you use the camera to allow the Vet to examine your pet.

The cost of a video consultation is £32.00 including VAT. But will be half price (£16.00) during the initial three week measures until 13th April

Video consultations  will be FREE OF CHARGE to PET HEALTH CLUB MEMBERS until 23rd June.

If your pet subsequently needs to come to the surgery there will  be no additional consultation charges, this applies to all clients until 13th April.

For Pet Health Club Members after 13th April video consultations will continue to be free of charge, but there will be a fee if you pet subsequently needs an examination at the surgery.

Medication will be charged in addition to the charges listed above.

You can be reassured we are doing our utmost to help  you and your pet during these most difficult times.


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