Veterinary medicine has, in recent years, become increasingly sophisticated. We are able to diagnose and treat many conditions that a few years ago would have remained undetected with often fatal consequences, especially in the older pet. The downside of these advances is cost.

One of the most distressing situations we find ourselves in, is where a pet's problem is curable but (understandably in some cases) the cost is too high for the owner and the animal has to be put to sleep. A less serious situation is when the owner has to opt for less than best treatment available due to money constraints.

This is where pet insurance is most beneficial, helping avoid such situations.

Like the British Small Animal Veterinary Association this practice endorses the concept of pet insurance. It is, however, important that clients should select an appropriate policy - our trained staff are on hand to help you find the policy most suited to you and your pet.

Our interest is to ensure that we never have to compromise the quality of Veterinary Care on the basis of cost.

Important considerations in selecting a policy are:

Does the policy offer adequate level of veterinary fee cover?

Does the policy offer lifelong cover for longstanding illnesses (some policies will exclude any condition present for more than 12 months)?


Does the policy cover for congenital conditions such as hip dysplasia?

Does the policy offer cover to continue into later years, and still be affordable in those years?

Most insurers will not offer new policies to dogs over 8 or cats over 10 years of age so it is important to make that decision before your pet reaches that age.

Insurance proposal forms are available in our waiting rooms but, if you have any questions please contact us.

You can obtain a quote and even a policy online at