Advice on Spaying of Bitches...

We recommend the spaying of bitches for the following reasons. This is the policy of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association.

1. Unwanted pups are prevented.

Finding homes for these puppies is extremely difficult. Many of these will end up as strays or being destroyed

2. Prevents false pregnancies.

False pregnancy is a very common condition. In affected bitches it will occur after every
season causing distress to the bitch and owner, often requiring treatment on each occasion. The best method of control is by spaying.

3. Pyometra and other womb diseases are avoided.

Unspayed bitches can develop an infection of the womb later in life, this is known as pyometra. This requires an emergency hysterectomy on a sick patient , which carries considerably more risk than
surgery on a young healthy bitch.

4. Reduced risk of mammary tumours.

The risk of mammary tumours increases with each season. Spaying before the first season gives the lowest incidence of tumours.

5. Prevents the bitch from coming into season.

A bitch will come into season on average every 6 months. During this time she has to be kept under strict supervision to avoid an unwanted mating.

6. When is the best time to spay a bitch ?

We recommend the spaying of bitches before their first season, this is best done at approximately five and a half months of age. This will take maximum advantage of the benefits listed above.
Some bitches need to be spayed after their first season. Your Vet Surgeon / Nurse will be happy to discuss this with you.
If your bitch has already had a season, then the time to be spayed is between three and five months after a season.

7. Are there any disadvantages ?

The only documented disadvantage is a tendency to gain weight. This is overcome by controlling the diet. In addition there is always a small risk associated with the administration of an anaesthetic.