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Pet Health Club

First class care for your pets and their owners in a supportive and caring environment

The best routine care for your pet!

Our aim is to provide first class care for pets and their owners.

To enable pet owners to spread the cost of routine treatment, we have designed our own practice membership scheme, the Fernlea Vets Pet Health Club and this is a great way for you to cut the cost of veterinary care for your pet.

We recommend that all pet owners join our Pet Health Club because it not only spreads the cost with guaranteed savings, it also keeps your pet in the best possible health.

You can make great savings on the annual costs of what we call ‘preventative maintenance’ – all the things that are essential to keep your pet in tip-top condition.

Additionally, we will reward your loyalty with a 10% Pet Health Club discount on all our routine and preventative care such as 10% off routine neutering, food, dentals, microchips and additional flea/worm products. Additionally, you gain access to a reduced consultation fee whenever your pet is seen by a vet.

We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to provide routine veterinary care and joining the Pet Health Club will help you do so for an affordable fixed monthly cost.


Your Pet Health Club includes:

For Cats & Dogs:

  • Annual Vaccination boosters and full health check
  • Monthly flea and worm and tick application (including lungworm for dogs) – Dogs need to change to tablet option for tick contro
  • Twice yearly tape worm treatment

Mid year check with the vet PLUS great savings on:

  • 10% off dental treatments, all diets and preventive care including neutering, microchipping etc
  • £20 off puppy or kitten pack if signing up at the same time
  • £10 off booster vaccination if signing up at the same time

For Rabbits

  • Annual blow fly prevention
  • Vaccination boosters including VHD2
  • Twice yearly health check

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